Berliner Konzert Chor

In our choir, everyone learns to sing!

Hey, we're looking for some guys (who want to sing)!

You would like to sing somewhere other than in the shower? You’d like to sing, but are not sure you can? With a little practice and some helpful technique anyone can learn to sing! That’s how we learned.

You can’t read music (or German is not your first language)? Doesn’t matter. Some of us aren’t so good at reading music, either. Sight reading is not required, as we always learn new works with piano accompaniment, thus we also learn by ear. You’ll soon learn to find your way around a sheet of music. We’ll help you.

Every rehearsal begins with warm-ups. Then we rehearse each work, first by section, then all together. Everyone thus has a chance to learn.

You are welcome to attend one of our rehearsals and rehearse with us a couple times before deciding whether you might like to join our choir as a member.

Please contact us via jugendchor(at)

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