Berliner Konzert Chor

Organisation and Structure

The Berliner Konzert Chor (Berlin Concert Choir) is a legally registered association. Members of the Berliner Konzert Chor are automatically members of Berliner Konzert Chor e. V. This includes our youth (Berliner Konzert Jugendchor) and children's choirs (Berliner Konzert Kinderchöre). The Berliner Konzert choirs, together with the Berliner Konzert Orchester, form the Berliner Konzert Family; the orchestra, however, is organized as a separate association, the Berliner Konzert Orchester e. V.

Membership in the Berlin Concert Choir and Performance Participation

Application for membership is open to anyone who enjoys singing, is able to regularly participate in the obligatory rehearsals, and is willing and able to take advantage of the individual vocal training opportunities we offer. Of course, there are certain minimum requirements with respect to the individual singer and section. These include a certain level of musicality and stable tone production. Applicants are requested to participate in a brief audition with the respective choir director.

Attendance of at least seventy percent of the applicable rehearsals is required for concert participation. Exceptions to this rule may be made by the choral director on the basis of a pre-concert audition. which usually takes place in small groups or by section, but a forty-percent rehearsal attendance record is still necessary.

Further details can be found in the Statutes of the Berliner Konzert Chor e. V. (in German).

Artistic Direction and Management

Artistic Director of the Berliner Konzert Chor Jan Olberg
President of Berliner Konzert Chor e. V. Sabine Langer
Intendant of the Berliner Konzert Orchester Dr. Uwe Mehlitz
Choral Director of the Youth Choir Katharina Krause

Office of Berliner Konzert Chor e.V.

Starnberger Str. 3
10781 Berlin

Tel:       (030) 2 18 50 01 (answering machine only)
Fax:       (030) 2 13 87 03
E-Mail:    chor(at)  

Executive Board of Berliner Konzert Chor e.V.

President Sabine Langer
Vice-President:  Hans-Stefan Giese
Treasurer:    Dennis Bork
Secretary:      Dietlinde Thomas

Web Site

Executive in Charge Sabine Langer
Concept, Administrator, and Webmaster Dennis Bork
Design Angela Peter
Choir Librarian Werner Arnhold
Calendar Judith Stadie


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